The Difference With Us Is In the Details

Online Scheduling

We offer you the ability to view our openings in real-time. Schedule your appointment online (via our website, Facebook, or Google) to make it easier to coordinate your dental care with your busy schedule.

Electronic Forms

We are an all-digital and paperless office. Patients are requested to fill out their new patient registration forms from the convenience of their homes prior to visiting. You are able to access these secure forms both through our website and via email.

Convenient Communication

You will receive texts and emails from our office to remind you of your appointments. Our staff is available via phone, text message, and email during business hours. Follow us on social media (FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn).

Patient Comfort

We offer chilled beverages and refreshments for our patients.
We have carefully curated playlists to reflect a friendly, welcoming environment. In addition to our upbeat music, we have TVs positioned directly over the patient chairs, allowing you to watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix or Hulu while receiving dental care.

Digital Radiographs

We use multiple tools to aid in the diagnosis, planning, and education of each patient's individual dental concerns. Digital radiographs (commonly known as "x-rays") allow us to check your bone levels, the health of your teeth, and whether there are cavities present between your teeth. Digital radiographs are viewable immediately and offer reduced radiation when compared to traditional film radiographs.

High Resolution Photos

We use intraoral cameras to take photos of your teeth and gums that can be shared with you in detail at your visits. 

Photos are also taken during dental procedures. You will be given an opportunity to review the photos with our team after each procedure so you can see and understand the treatment that was completed.

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