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"I am older and had not taken good care of my teeth. When I started with Mint Dental and Dr. Michelle they made  me feel welcomed and she sat down and explained the various options and costs for what would be a multi-year project to get me back to good dental health. Throughout all of the work with cracked teeth, old crowns and fillings and one shattered tooth she was an endless source of hope and you could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Combine that with one of the deftest touches I have ever had with a dentist she has made the overall experience almost enjoyable.

Mint Dental’s use of the latest technology, up to date knowledge of current dental practice and unfailing cheerfulness has been a real joy. I highly recommend them."

Chris M. 

"Dr. Michelle and Dr. Andrew are nice, knowledgeable, and always willing to accommodate you. Dental appointments are stressful for most people, including myself, but you can relax and watch your favorite Netflix show during your appointment. They offer to stop for a bit whenever you need a break, which is often left out by many dentists."

Reine D. 

"Dr. Andrew is very detailed and takes the time to explain every process, step by step, throughout the visit and even after...Dr. Andrew goes into technical depth about the concerns he sees in individual teeth, but explains it in a clear and concise way that someone can immediately understand."

Kevin L.  

“Dr. Nguyen is very knowledgeable and thorough. He laid out multiple options/treatment plans for an issue I was having along with the potential outcomes of each. The office is clean, high-tech, and very pleasant. One of the best dental office experiences I’ve had.”

"Dr. Andrew takes his time and his office [is] impeccably clean and organized. If you are looking for a Dr. who cares and takes his time to ensure your treatment is what's best for you, this is the place."

Brian A. 

"Dr. Andrew and Michelle are super friendly, accommodating and provide great dental care! The office is very modern/clean and comes equipped with overhead TVs so you can watch Netflix/Hulu during your appointment."

Carla B.

"Dr. Michelle and her staff are awesome!! I felt very welcomed and great conversation with the staff to help with my dental anxiety...I live in San Francisco and trust me, it is worth the drive to their new state of the art facility."

Corey D. 

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